Agri Residue Recycling

The Problem

Agricultural-based industries produce vast amount of residues every year. If these residues are released to the environment without proper disposal procedure that may cause to environmental pollution and harmful effect on human and animal health. Most of the agro-industrial wastes are untreated and underutilized, therefore in maximum reports it disposed of either by burning, dumping or unplanned landfilling. These untreated wastes create different problems with climate change by increasing a number of greenhouse gases.

It is a worldwide concern to dictating the improvement of alternative cleaner and renewable bioenergy resources.These wastes cause a serious disposal problem.

All over the world approximately 147.2 million metric tons of fiber sources are found, whereas 709.2 and 673.3 million metric tons of wheat straw residues and rice straws were estimated, respectively, in the 1990s.

EasyKrishi made some significant inroads into technology that helps in handling this waste. We use a two-pronged strategy.

Agri Waste