In short, it is a growth-enhancing biodegradable manure.

BesserGro Value Proposition

- Average reduction in Harvest Time - 20%
- Average increase in yield - 30%
- Plant-based
- Can be used for any tree/ plant
- Chemical free
- Bio-degradable organic manure
- Contains all Essential Micro-nutrients

Need for Biodegradable Manures

Any material or resource that gets used locally or hyper-locally makes life on this planet sustainable. Each crop that the human race cultivates provides enough opportunity for the plant waste, animal litter and waste to be recycled in the same biomes.

Furthermore, when the manure is from the same crop as the one grown in the same region, the nutirents that join back the soil belong to the same biological structures that absorb it and there is an inherent opportunity to build efficiencies into the crop cycle that we can use to meet the needs of the food supply chain without greatly disturbing the ecological balance.

This is the inherent principle in which we culture our Biodegradable Manures.

Since our manures are plant-based, the Nitrogen and Phosphorus contents are significantly lower compared to chemical fertilizers. The application of plant-based fertilizer promotes increases in heterotrophic bacterial biomass, which stimulates other secondary productivity and mineralizes nutrients to stimulate primary productivity.

Our Solution - BesserGro

Besssergro is a growth enhancer extracted by blending natural herbs. It is rich in amino acids and co-factors like magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium necessary for boosting plant growth. When added at earlier stage of the plant growth at regular intervals improves the root growth.

Its natural amino acid and co-factors provides Organic ‘N’ that increases the chlorophyll content, results in increasing the metabolism of the plant. This will result in the faster, better and healthier growth of the plants.

Advantages of BesserGro

- Better foliage.
- Improved Girth of the stem.
- Increases the yield.
- Soil enrichment.