In short, it is a botanical input that gets rid of synthetic insecticides and oil-based sprays

N-Armour Value Proposition

- Pest Repellent
- Termite Repellent
- Retards growth of Algae and Fungus
- Acts like a repellent and antifeedent
- Reduces the growth rate of pests retardant


- Neem pellets should be soaked in water overnight a day before application
- The formulation has to be applied at 6kg/acre (200 L spray solution).
- On the day of spraying, the remaining residue particles need to be filtered through muslin cloth/net.
- Volume of the formulation needs to be made up to the required quantities.


- While spraying care was taken to provide sufficient coverage on the growing portion of the plant.
- The spray needs to be repeated every 7-8 day interval depending on the incidence of pests.
- The need-based spray may be given if found necessary.


- Neem Pellets formulation boosts the farm income, saves up to 70% on insecticide costs.
- Since the input is organic input, the vegetables you grow will be pesticide-free.