Championing Tree Nutrition

A lot has been spoken, researched, and demonstrated about flowers, fruits, flower-bearing plants, fruit-bearing plants, and food-bearing plants. Interestingly, there has been very little focus on trees and tree nutrition. 

Tree nutrition has been a fancy idea to the team at EasyKrishi and has naturally become a focus area, since its inception. Each member had their own experience with their trials and these trials became structured research when the company was incorporated. After 4 years of research, we have been able to crack the code to provide the right amount of nutrition to accelerate tree growth.

Tree Nutrition

Rapid Carbon Sequestration

We have been able to grow trees at a rapid pace. The macro-nutrients we supply the trees with our BesserGro has reduced the growth times to a significantly smaller fraction of the original time taken by the tree to grow to its full length and height.

We have demonstrated this by growing a Malabar Neem (Latin Name – Melia Dubia) in 13 months against the usual 8 years it takes to grow to this state of maturity.

We have had tremendous success using BesserGro on Sugar Cane and Lemon Grass. Trials for demonstrating this growth on Teak Wood trees and a few more commercially useful trees, are in progress.

Tree Nutrition
Logging Industry

Reduce Deforestation by 50%

A prerequisite to wood harvesting is a management plan, which determines the yearly yield and the method of removal.

For a forest harvested under the sustained-yield concept, the volume of timber removed at periodic intervals is dependent on the net growth of all trees. This concept, combined with natural and artificial seeding and planting, ensures continuous production of wood and conservation of forests. To promote sustained yield management, multiple methods and technologies have been deployed.

This is where EasyKrishi makes a resounding impact. Our Rapid Carbon Sequestration enables Wood Logging industries to reduce tree growth times and thereby reducing deforestation at least by 50%