Healthy Planet

Striving to reduce the carbon footprint of every human activity

Aggregating Farm Requirements

Agri Supply Chains

We enable the entire agriculture supply chain for about 14000 farmers in 9 districts of Karnataka.

Trees on either side of the road


We can grow forests with commercial trees between two monsoons. Contact us if you plan to regrow trees cut down to make way for rapid urbanization.

Earth Worms Returning to fields exploited by chemical fertilizers


Use N-Armour if you need to bring back earthworms into your fields, reduce irrigation requirements and the need to spray insecticides by two-thirds.

Reducing the Shock of Human Activity on Ecology

The EasyKrishi Story

Working with thousands of farmers spread across the length and breadth of the country has helped us witness the recklessness of our agricultural practices. The monumental waste of time, money, and resources is for every one of us to see. 

We have identified a broad range of objectives for our journey as a company.

  1. Reduce the need for chemicals in agriculture
  2. Reduce the need for irrigation
  3. Optimize the growth rate of plants
  4. Reduce human interference in the growth cycle of plants
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