Post Harvest

From Farm to Fork, and Beyond

We don’t stop at harvest. Our care for crops and the planet continues.

Got leftover plant parts? We turn them into useful items. Imagine eating with spoons made from crop waste. Or enjoying incense from spent flowers.

We also help your produce last longer. Our natural formula keeps fruits and veggies fresh. No chemicals, just smart science. This means less waste and more value from every crop. It’s good for your pocket and the planet.

We’re not just growing food. We’re growing a better future, from seed to shelf and beyond. Discover how we can make your harvest work harder and last longer.

Our Post Harvest Products

Shelf Surge

Revolutionary formula that increases shelf life of your harvest without refrigeration or the use any chemicals.

Biodegradable Cutlery

Contribute to the sustainability of this planet by making sure the left-overs from your harvest are used to make plant-based cutlery.

Flower-based Incense Sticks

Transform discarded flowers from your places of worhsip, weddings, and functions into fragrant incense, preserving rivers and reducing waste.

Composition with disposable ecological dishes and cutlery.
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