Realize your crops potential with P-Max!

EasyKrishi’s P-Max is not just a fertilizer – it’s your secret weapon for explosive growth and record-breaking yields! P-Max

  • Supercharges root development
  • Builds unbreakable plant structures
  • Triggers a flower explosion
  • Skyrockets your yield

But wait, there’s more!

Rosemary plant with roots and soil in hands in gloves at pot and fresh green basil plant on floor

P-Max ensures:

  • Lightning-fast absorption
  • Disease-resistant super plants
  • Even crop maturity for easier harvesting
  • Rapid cell division for turbo-charged growth

Flexible Application
Spray it! Drench it! Drip it! P-Max works how YOU want it to!
Don’t let your crops struggle. Give them the P-Max advantage!

  • Maximize your profits
  • Farm smarter, not harder
  • Leave your competition behind
Sunflower field with cloudy blue sky. Closeup of sunflower on farm. Rural landscape.
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