Introduction to Fertilite​

Fertilite is based on nano micronutrient mixture synthesized by green technology, encapsulated by Phytomolecule, Phytohormones, and suspended in water. Fertilite contains nanoparticles of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Zinc, Potassium, calcium, Selenium, Copper, Chromium, Cobalt, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum and Boron.

Benefits of Fertilite​
  • 100% bioavailable
  • Unique formulation with maximum nutrient availability
  • Rapid absorption by plants
  • Suitable for foliar application and through drip application
  • Builds critical levels of many trace elements
  • Stimulates healthy growth of the crop
  • Healthier and greener plants
  • Enhances the fertility in plants
  • Quick recovery from trace elements deficiencies
  • Cost-effective through nutrient use efficiency
  • Helps in the bioavailability of other trace elements
  • Increases the levels of energy, water, and nutrient holding capacity
  • Improves crop immune system against pest and disease attack
  • Enhances abiotic stress tolerance in plants
  • Meets the demands of high-yielding varieties which has higher nutrient requirements
Mode of Action

Micronutrients when applied in salt forms are not utilized by plants in an effective manner. Chelated micronutrients are better than normal micronutrient salts. Nano technology based Agri-mini far superior due to the biological benefits of chelated micronutrients. Nano particles effectively enter the leaf and root and owing to their better bio availability are able to quickly address the micronutrient deficiency.

Mode of Application
  • Mix Fertilite at recommended doses (5 ml/1ltr) in sufficient water and drench soil as directed in table at different crop life stages.
  • Long duration crops / Perennial / Orchard crops: Dissolve Fertilite at recommended doses (5 ml/1ltr) in sufficient water and apply as a drenching spray near root zone once per month.
  • Foliar application: Mix Fertilite at recommended doses (5 ml/1Ltr) in sufficient water and spray on foliage. Apply twice a year for long duration crops. It is recommended to have first application before the onset of the main monsoon / rainfall/ spring season and second application after the main monsoon / rainfall / autumn/ fall season.


  • Do not store Fertilite solution for more than 24 hours after mixing in water.
  • Fertilite is a product made from herbal-based nano-extracts and hence should not be mixed with any chemicals.