Plant Protection

Protect Your Plants, Naturally

Plants face many threats. Fungi, viruses, pests, and diseases can harm them. But we have solutions. Our products guard your crops. They fight off dangers without harsh chemicals.

We use nature’s tricks. Like pheromone traps for insects. Special treatments for Panama wilt. Our protectors are smart. They target bad guys, not good bugs. They’re safe for your plants and the earth.

No more worrying about crop loss. No more overusing chemical sprays. Keep your plants healthy the natural way. It’s better for your farm and the planet. Explore our plant guardians below. Give your crops the protection they deserve.

Our Plant Protection Products


Natural fungal defense for crops and gardens, preventing disease spread and ensuring plant health.


Multi-action plant booster enhancing immunity, growth, and pest resistance for sustainable agriculture practices.


Eco-friendly virus combatant for early-stage plant protection, leaving no harmful residues behind, while giving you abundance.


Specialized treatment targeting Fusarium wilt in bananas, safeguarding crops against devastating Panama disease.

Pheromone Traps

Eco-friendly pest management tool using insect attractants for monitoring and controlling crop pests.


Microbial solution fighting oil palm stem rot through enzyme action and nutrient competition to give you better harvests.

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